Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Edition 11 - 15/11/2017


Yesterday was a historic day - and for once it wasn't just because there was a new edition of Abstract Paradigms. Nurse your hangover from yesterday's celebrations with a nice warm cup of podcast.

Find the podcast at http://podcast.abstractparadigms.com.au/e/edition11/ and the gig guide on Facebook, here.

This week's tracklist:
norachi - C376 [Butter Sessions / NOISE IN MY HEAD, 2017]
Booshank - Bully (Deep Daddy) [BSR / NIMH, 2017]
Ari Sharp - Desired By None [Self-released, 2016]
CORIN - fatal redemption [Self-released, 2017]
I Hold The Lion's Paw - Afro 2 [Self-released, 2016]
WET KISS - N00b [Self-released, 2017]
Muddy Lawrence - Ochanomizu Subway Station [Self-released, 2017]