HAARK, Melbourne's mildly-sung superstar of experimental guitar-noise/glitch-metal/intellectronica/soundscapery, follows July's hotly-ignored political epic "SOCIAL JUSTICE WARRIOR" with a militant new slab of sizzling cyber-abstract non-augmented-reality sonic fuckery, "THE CAPABILITY".   And, with the Australian Government like totally gung-ho about blanket surveillance and robotic face-recognition and automated security measures, it's not a moment too soon - if anything, this 22 minute piece of abstract grinding and brain-drill tonal hypnosis may be a moment too late.

Listen for free, or sling HAARK five bucks for his efforts, it's completely up to you - this isn't capitalism, this is bio-anarchy.  And don't forget to engorge yourself with his other blackened electronic politico-abstract vibe pieces, like the immense meditative wall piece "SHOPPING", the collection of angry feminazi cybergrind nightmares featured on "ROSEBUD", or the completely abstract apocalyptic bleeps and bloops of "THE END OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN AND GONE".  Whatever, it's totally up to you.  He's been doing this a long time.  He will continue.


All HAARK music is dedicated to The Inheritors.  Let's hope some of them survive.