Abstract Paradigms Podcast - Edition 7 - 18/10/2017

Another week, another collection of music from Melbourne and beyond. There's some fantastic New South Welshmen and Adelaideians playing in town this Friday, so we start off there. We then go to Dunedin-come-Aus performer Crude, who just happened to post his new album on this very blog. There's more music from multi-talented performer Lalić, some hot new pop from Parsnip, and a track from Hot Topic who are playing a free gig with Francis Plagne this weekend. 

We step back in time to the long-passed year of 2013 to listen to part of Eve Klein's opera "The Pomegranate Cycle" perhaps fitting given the revelations of the past month and current anti-violence social media campaigns. We sample a piece from Tim Catlin's Overtone Ensemble album that was released last year to feel out some hand made instruments (named after cat whiskers I believe).

Finally we listen to Buchla legend Suzanne Ciani to round off the show. 

As always, there's a gig guide posted online at the Abstract Paradigms Facebook page - and also as always please feel free to send me hot tips for gigs and tunes that I should be listening to.

This week's tracklist:
Enderie - Stopped Memory [A Guide To Saints, 2017]
Wireheads - Indian Pacific Express [Tenth Court, 2017]
Crude - Very Low Frequency, Very Low Income [Self-released, 2017]
Lalić - Today Transmitions [Self-released, 2017]
Parsnip - Health [ANTI FADE, 2017]
Hot Topic - Your Friend Mine [Hobbies Galore, 2017]
Textile Audio - Land of Hades [Wood and Wire, 2013]
The Overtone Ensemble - Scintillation [Important Records, 2016]
Suzanne Ciani - Concert at WBAI Free Music Store [Finders Keepers, 2016]