Inland 17.A: Anthea Caddy/Judith Hamann + Anthony Burr/Thomas Meadowcroft + Rohan Drape

inland 17.A
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Anthea Caddy + Judith Hamann
Anthony Burr + Thomas Meadowcroft
Rohan Drape

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This concert presents the collaborative work of cellists Anthea Caddy and Judith Hamann, 
whose work together creates immersive an performance experience, exploring the acoustic capacities of 
two cellos through electroacoustic spatialisation, durational listening and site specific use of room tone.

INLAND also proudly welcomes two of our favourite expatriate composers performing together: 
Thomas Meadowcroft - whose hypnotically poetic and genuinely unclassifiable work has been described 
as reaching an inexpressible purity' (Le Monde), 'nerve torture' (Süddeutsche Zeitung), and 'between 
academic schmaltz and avantgarde-pop' (Zitty Magazine) - and Curtis/Lucier/O'Rourke collaborator and 
clarinet virtuoso Anthony Burr.

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8pm Monday 14th August 2017
Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston St., Carlton