Elliott Hughes: 'The Augmented Trumpet' - Testing Grounds - Friday September 1st

'The Augmented Trumpet'

Friday September 1st
Performances at 4pm & 7pm
Open studio from 2pm
Testing Grounds - 1 City Rd, Southbank. 

As part of his residency at Testing Grounds, Elliott Hughes will be presenting new works for the 'Augmented Trumpet' - an electroacoustic instrument that follows the movement of the trumpet valves to control real-time electronic processing. 

There will be two performances, 4pm & 7pm, plus time for questions and discussions. Elliott's studio will also be open from 2pm if you wish to drop by and have a look at what's been happening throughout his residency. 

He will also be producing a guidebook aimed at any prospective collaborators or composers who would like to work with the instrument in the future.

Bookings not required.
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