MIUC 180717: Leaps and Bounds Fest


We thought we’d take things into the literal realm with TRAMAMPOLINE; leaping and bounding, trampoline reverberating, noise halo of energy that is Gem Falconer, Nik Kennedy and Matt Faisandier. Prepare for a noise assault like you’ve never seen before.

Dale Nason joins us with ISOGRAM, a sonic-printing hybrid action exploration of the isogram; words with no repeating letters. We’re all about taking disparate elements and smashing them together to create masterpieces.

Continuing on the theme of action, body, movement we have Daniel Jenatsch and Niharika Senapati in a laptop and dance/movement duo. It’s not often enough the sound world is intentionally activated by responsive bodies, but Daniel and Niharika unite to show us otherwise.

And bringing us home with total power electronics, noise cacophony is HARDATA. Scumwitch, Nina Buchanan & Emma Misc - is this the perfect alignment of Wicca and pop? Bangers and spells?

Join us for high energy, body, movement, objects, noise as we do Leaps and Bounds Festival the Make It Up Club way!

• Tramampoline feat. Gem Falconer (Trampoline, Voice) Nik Kennedy (Electronics, Keys) & Matt Faisandier (Drums)

• Dale Nason - ISOGRAM (Sonic-Printing Hybrid Action)

• Daniel Jenatsch (Laptop) & Niharika Senapati (Dance)

• HARDATA - Scumwitch (Electronics), Nina Buchanan (Electronics) & Emma Misc (electronics)

Poster & Artwork by Michael Famularo 
Instagram: @g_star_rawr

The Make It Up Club


Avant Garde Improvised Music and Sound Performance

Every Tuesday night at Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy 3065

Doors at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm start $5/$10

Coming up:

25/7: Jessie Scott and Miranda Liebscher; Tyson Slithers and Emily Chen; Tina Douglas and Yuka Mikayama
1/8: Rod Cooper, Sharryn Koppens & Eli Chappell, Ede Eves & Seth Rees, Robin Fox & Sean Baxter
8/8: Koukatsuani, Emah Fox, Makeda
15/8: Andrea Blake & Ben Niiboy Taylor, Josey Kidd-Crowe & Pat O’Brien, Psychward, Baby Gravy
22/8: Sage Pbbt, Hammers Lake with Rama Parwata