New Experimental Melbourne blog posting guidelines

Since 2007, the Experimental Melbourne blog has provided a central place to list experimental music events happening in Melbourne and throughout Victoria. The blog was founded by Clinton Green, who continues to administer it along with Nat Grant.

Who can post and how:

Send one-off/irregular items for posting to . Include details performers, venue, venue address, date/time, ticket prices, a jpg image (optional), links to other sites/Facebook event.

If you are organising regular events, we can make you an Experimental Melbourne Blog Author, which means you can post items yourself at will. Contact us at to get access.

Posting guidelines:

1 - Only post information about events occurring in Victoria, with emphasis placed in and around Melbourne. You can also promote new CDs, etc from Victorian artists. You can also post general discussion threads on subjects relevant to experimental music in Melbourne.

2 – Posts must have some relation to experimental music. We have a fairly broad, inclusive definition of what can be considered ‘experimental’ for the purposes of this blog, including avant garde/art music, electro-acoustic, sound art, sound-based installations, improvisation, noise, ambient, instrument building, free jazz. We are wary of any of the following ‘genres’ that do not have a significant experimental element – dance music, heavy metal/thrash/grind, punk, rock that’s ‘a bit quirky’, trad jazz, dubstep, etc. In the end, it is up the blog admins to make this call, and it will be up to you to justify why it should be considered ‘experimental’ and be included in the blog if we disagree.

3 – Use the following format when posting:

Post subject: Name of Event/Artist – Venue – Date (EG: Noise Fest – Hamer Hall – 1 Jan 2018)

Include details in the main body, including venue location, URL/street address, cost, contact details for further info.

Use the tags/labels on your post for venue, artists involved, and suburb/town where venue is located (posts are syndicated by other blogs on these tags, particularly for geographic areas like the inner north ‘cool suburbs’).

4 - Please feel free to use the Comments function to add extra info on a posting, including reviews if you attended the event/purchased the album.