Guffond/Ekomane/Lewis - MUMA - 24 Jun 2017


Jessica Ekomane (FR), Jasmine Guffond (DE/AUS) & Clara Lewis (SE) (editions mego)

Jessica Ekomane [FR/DE]
Jessica Ekomane was born in France. She now lives and works in Berlin. Her practice unfolds around sound installations and music. She creates situations where the sound acts as a transformative element for the space and the audience. This informs her musical compositions which seek a cathartic effect alternating between noise and melody, and playing with our perception of rhythmical structures.

Jasmine Guffond [AUS/DE]
Jasmine Guffond focuses on electronic composition across music and sound art contexts. Her practice spans live performance, recording and the capacity of sound installation to interrogate site.  Working with abstract sound as much as traditional musical forms to create a concordant relationship between a sound that holds emotive power and musicality, and a sensitive microscopic study of electro acoustic phenomena. She has recorded music for CD and 12inch vinyl releases with the Staubgold, Monika Enterprise and Sonic Pieces labels. A new album, Traced is due for release in July 2017 on Sonic Pieces.

(forwarded from Jasmine Guffond)