INLAND 17.2: Magda Mayas + Oren Amarchi/Joe Talia/Rohan Drape/Alexander Garsden + Joy Lee performing Morton Feldman

inland 17.2

 - i dream that i am sleeping, i dream that i am dreaming -

This concert will feature three distinctive approaches to keyboard performance: a new quadrophonic amplified piano work by visiting international artist Magda Mayas; a collaborative performance by Oren Ambarchi (Guitar), Joe Talia (Drumkit), Rohan Drape (Piano),  and Alexander Garsden (Organ); and Melbourne-based pianist Joy Lee performing Morton Feldman's final work for solo piano 'Palais De Mari'.

Flier photo: Etienne Malapert - from 'The City of Possibilities' (



8pm Sunday 29th January, Church of All Nations, 180 Palmerston St., Carlton
Tickets at the door: $20 Full / $12 Concession

INLAND is a concert series of Australian exploratory music, spanning notated, improvised, electroacoustic, popular and interdisciplinary practices.