David M. Paganin: "Pointless Orbits" free netlabel release

David M. Paganin: "Pointless Orbits"
Released by Earsheltering netlabel (2016)
Available for free download from http://earsheltering.free.fr/earsheltering085.htm

David M. Paganin's "Pointless Orbits" was released on the netlabel Earsheltering in December 2016.  This debut full-length release of original experimental music is perhaps best described by the musical influences from which it draws.  These vary from from old-school industrial to musique concrète and contemporary classical, from kosmische musik to minimalism and dada, from power electronics to any form of genuinely experimental music.  This ultimately uplifting album explores a range of themes pertaining to human freedom in a postmodern world.  Such themes include alienation, psychological repression, the existential vacuum, obsession, rage, absurdity, mourning, regret and the concept of self.  

David M. Paganin  lives in West Footscray, Melbourne, Australia. He strives for emotive and genuinely innovative experimental sounds.  Besides making music, his  major interests are physics research, literature, psychology and gardening.

Contact: david.paganin@gmail.com

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