Shame File Music - new releases, Artefacts special offer ends

New on Shame File Music -


Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev “Surface Noise Vol. 3” CDR

A double header from a selection of Brisbane masters of drone and electronic abstraction. Musgrove has long been a master of all things drone, with both his solo work and as part of Biffplex. On his track we hear the last part of an 8 hour overnight performance, as it all grinds to an entropic end. Makro/Hetlev are Lloyd Barrett (Diaspora, Secret Killer of Names) and Paul Forbes Mitchell (Hetleveiker) in live electronic dialogue. Stream online here -

Surface Noise is a series of limited edition (50 copies), hand-numbered CDRs documenting live performances of experimental and noise artists. Each volume features live performances from two different artists; the first initially invited by the curators, and the second then chosen by the first artist. Co-released by Melbourne labels Iceage Productions and Shame File Music, the series will consist of ten volumes.

The Surface Noise series so far:

Vol. 1 – cleaninglady/Klunk – copies still available

Vol. 2 – Cat Hope/White Drummer – sold out

Vol. 3 – Joe Musgrove/Makro & Hetlev – out now

Vol. 4 – Ben Byrne & Rosalind Hall/Anthea Caddy & Matthew Davis – out soon

New additions to Shame File Mailorder:

Various Artists - "All My Sins Remembered: The Sonic Worlds of John Murphy" 3CD

Murphy was at the cutting edge of Australian underground music since the 1970s, and later a key player in the forging of European industrial music. His influence and collaborative reach is extensively documented in this beautiful 3 CD set, spanning 40 years of musical output (from 1975 to 2015, the year of Murphy's death). The bands and projects here of which Murphy was a member are a veritable roll call of the dark/noise/industrial canon, including NEWS, Whirlywirld, Orchestra of Skin and Bone, SLUB, SPK, Whitehouse, Lustmord, Browning Mummery, KnifeLadder and countless others. The CDs are housed in a lavish full colour cardboard foldout box, which also includes a 32 page booklet with photos and notes by several Murphy collaborators and friends. Limited edition of 750, but only a handful available in Australia.


Nat Grant "Momentum" 4CD

More than four hours of Nat Grant's epic cumulative composition project from 2012. 'The idea behind this project is one of self-reflection and exploration of cumulative compositional processes. My aim is to build, over one year, layers of sounds and musical motifs that will form an entire composition'.


Nat Grant "Momentum: Turkey" CD

One part recorded each day, as part of Grant's year-long 'Momentum' project.


Nat Grant "Momentum: Live" CD

Four days of field recording and four nights of live sound sculpture for Melbourne Fringe Festival, September 2013 at Conduit Arts Space, Melbourne.


Nat Grant "Precious" 7" vinyl

Precious blurs the boundaries between functional object and musical instrument. This work was created over 2013-15 and involved collecting hundreds of old keys - keys to things that didn't work or exist anymore, or keys that had been found: any number and size/shape as long as they were no longer needed or wanted. Limited edition of 100 copies, hand-numbered and signed, clear vinyl, with download card.


Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music special offer ending soon


The long-standing special deal for volume 1 & 2 of the Artefacts series (the latter a double CD) ends next week on Tuesday 15 November, as copies of Volume 1 are getting low now. AU$50 gets you both copies sent anywhere in Australia, AU$54 elsewhere (that’s a saving $16).

Artefacts is a landmark CD series that documents the forgotten pioneers of Australian experimental music, releasing many recordings for the first time with extensive liner notes.

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