Shades of Silence (workshop) - Cecil Street Studio - 27 Nov 2016

Shades of Silence 
a vocal improvisation workshop

With Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

Shades of Silence is a vocal improvisation workshop focusing on listening, breathing, and sounding. We experiment with sound based vocal expression that sits outside of the context of singing and speaking. The workshop explores a range of vocal percussion, breath movement, vocal textures and vibrations, and the acoustic property of the site. We will also explore improvisation from duo to group, and with participants’ own conceptual, text and graphic scores.

This final and advanced series focus on building each participants’ multifaceted performance strength, open to previous participants or interested vocalists of various fields.

Sunday 27th Nov. 2016, 10.30am – 3.30pm

At Cecil Street Studio – 66 Cecil St, Fitzroy, VIC 3065

One Sunday – $100 / $85 concession
Limited places available; full payment requires to secure the booking

Email booking and enquires to:

About Alice Hui-Sheng Chang

As a vocalist working with extended techniques, Alice builds intimate exchanges with her audience. She creates an array of timbres and textures by controlling tension in her throat and alternating the passage of air and vocalisations. Alice’s performances respond to the energy of the audience, employing sound varying from the calm to the extreme to create an awareness of the acoustic properties of the site. She challenges the boundary of a presentation site physically and imaginatively, viewing each performance as a site-specific response.

Alice is based in Tainan, Taiwan. She has run vocal workshops in Taiwan, Australia, France and Portugal and performed across Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe. She has degrees in Media Arts & Master of Fine Arts (Sound Art) from RMIT (2005/2006), and MA by Supervision from MIECAT Institute (2014). She has experience running different group vocal workshops resulting in an experiential public performance, also one-off audience participation vocal ensemble.

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