Dream Embodiment (workshop) - Melbourne Art Therapy Studio - 17 Nov 2016

Dream Embodiment
Adventuring intimately via voice and creative arts
Thursday 17th Nov 2016 6-9pm $90
At Melbourne Art Therapy Studio
Do you dream?
Would you like to explore your dreams and share them through creative mediums?
Dream Embodiment is a workshop exploring your nighttime dream experiences using voice, body, visual arts, objects and other art mediums.
You are invited to inquire into your own dreams through multi-modal art forms in a safe and supported environment.
No prior experience of arts, voice and movement required. Suits all dreamers. All art materials provided.

About Alice
(MA-Experiential and Creative Arts Practice, MIECAT; MFA-Sound Art, RMIT)
I am currently based in Tainan, Taiwan. I am a vocalist and sound artist, practicing locally and internationally since 2003, between Melbourne and Taiwan. My passion in working with human voice is the exploration of sounds outside of conventional language and melody. I have conducted vocal group workshops since 2006. As an artist, I have published and performed with dream materials inspired by myself and others.
In 2013, I conducted Dream Embodiment as part of my practice-led research at MIECAT, I completed a thesis with the same title in 2014. I am passionate about sharing my experience and enabling others to explore the connection between voice and dream.
Spaces are limited so register now
(forwarded from Alice Hui-Sheng Chang)