Free Event: Inland 16.6: Three Bodies / Stories Once Barely Believed

inland 16.6

 - three bodies / stories once barely believed-

A special free event hosted by Inland Concert Series at Neon Parc, Brunswick.  

Featuring a 'Three Bodies (moving)', a 45 minute just intonation work by American composer Cat Lamb; new audio-visual work by Brazilian composer and artist Manuel Lima; new work by Erkki Veltheim; and a new performance by an augmented iteration of the Francis Plagne Band. 

Including performances by Judith Hamann, Michiko Ogawa, Lizzy Welsh, Kim Tan, Rohan Drape and Alexander Garsden.

Neon Parc will be exhibiting the work of Dan Arps, Janet Burchill, Dale Frank, Lucio Fontana, Julia Gorman, Matt Hinkley, 
Imi Knoebel, Lucina Lane, and David Palliser.

Drinks available by donation.

3:30pm, Sunday 28th August, Neon Parc 2 Gallery, 15 Tinning Street, Brunswick

Free Entry

flier artwork: hanna chetwin