VA - Decoding The External World
Over 2 years in the making, this album is one of the most exceptional releases to come out through Iceage Productions. A limited edition cassette and download album of four unique Melbourne musicians featuring two tracks each by Tim Catlin, Grist, Zac Keiller and Voidhanger.

Available here: VA - Decoding The External World

Sam Filmer - Precise Abstraction

Sam Filmer has produced an extremely compelling body of work over the years delving into vast ethereal ambient landscapes via guitar and modular synth, he has worked under various monikers and collaborated with an array of Melbourne artists, seek out Em VĂ©cue Aquieu, Cascades, The Sleep Ensemble and Astral Flight. Here we find two purely electronic compositions that explore an isolated and increasing technologically-aided disposition of sonic freedom, beautiful and creative transcendental music.

Available here: Sam Filmer - Precise Abstraction

Opal Fields - Bell Miner

Opal Fields is the collaboration between Melbourne musicians Jennifer Callaway (Is There A Hotline?/Hi God People) and Peter James (Monolith/Solvent Cage). Bell Miner, their first offering, is an elegant lament composition combining elements of experimental, ambient and drone.

Available here: Opal Fields - Bell Miner


Abre Ojos
Solvent Cage
Surface Noise Vol.3 (featuring Joe Musgrove and Makro/Hetlev)