BOWLINES at The Yoga Lab July 17th

Date : Sunday July 17th, 4pm, approx. 1hr, with invitation to movement/dance at end

Event : BOWLINES at The Yoga Lab

Artists : Helen Mountfort - cello, Hope Csutoros - violin, Ernie Gruner - violin, viola

Venue : The Yoga Lab - 494 The  Yoga Lab, E.Brunswick 

Cost : $15/10 via , tix  at door if available

Contact : 0418549631

This lineup of BOWLINES  improvises sweet, moody and surprising music on violin, viola and cello. Their collective musical flights of fancy draw inspiration from many sources including classical and world music. Original cross-genre music from three eclectic string players, heard in My Friend the Chocolate Cake , Stiletto Sisters , Bohemian Nights and more.