GNAUMGN, Making It Up, 2016: A Recording Thereof

GNAUMGN - pronounced "nom" - is an experimental free-noise rock-jazz punk-ambient duo from Australia, made up of experimental veterans A Demon Sheen / A D Machine (HAARK, GRIST, INTRINSIC LIGHT, STINKY PICNIC, ILI PIKA, etc) and David Prescott-Steed (GWELE, MELBOURNE DRONE ORCHESTRA, SECTORAL, DIABOLICAL DEVICE, LE VIDE, etc).

Here's a gig of theirs from April 2016, at Melbourne's famous Make It Up Club


The duet improvise across a wide palette of genres and instrumentations, in a style-free exploration of both music and non-music, that has so far included guitars, music boxes, drums, violins, trampolines, rockpools, marbles, voice, toy pianos, harmoniums, synthesisers, cardboard tubes, arghuls, field recordings, distorted contact mics, drum machines, metronomes, bells, reel-to-reel machines, and so on.  Nothing is out of bounds for GNAUMGN, and there are no rules.  They have even made experimental recordings through time and space, recording improvisations separated by 174 kilometres and several days (see the Remote Listening experiments on their Bandcamp page).  However, for this very special conceptual performance, the duo decided to ditch their normal drums and varied electronics approach, in favour of a simpler double-guitar ensemble.  Enjoy?

(If you do vaguely like what you hear, they also have many albums available for free here: