** For Immediate Release**

six minutes and three seconds’, the new single by Brisbane exploratory noise-rock trio FEET TEETH, is just that - six minutes and three seconds of fuzzy commodore 64 synths, wonky trumpet, brittle electronics, and caveman drumming. The improvisational outfit is releasing two full lengths in July that come from the same recording sessions, GOUT (independent) and BRUXUS on Canberra label, hellosQuare.  Recorded over two days, the records feature Erik Griswold [Clocked Out - Piano], Andrew Tuttle [MiniBrute Synthesizer], Luke McCallum [Ghost Notes - Trumpet], Kahl Monticone [Guitar] and Timothy Tate[Analogue Electronics] and show two different sides to the ensemble. BRUXUS is a more dissonant, anarchic release while GOUT has a more brutal, driving quality.

FEET TEETH have previously collaborated with poets and contemporary dancers and performed on their own for Brisbane Festival (2012), Brisbane Emerging Arts Festival (2013), the NOWnow (2013) and the Queensland Poetry Festival (2013), released a full length cassette on hellosQuare, various CDs and digital material independently, presented a live soundtrack on FBi’s EarsHaveEars show and had their music reworked by national and international experimental musicians.

To celebrate the releases FEET TEETH are touring in July:

July 5th @ Make It Up Club, Bar Open VIC w/ Sean Baxter & Rafel Kaczmarek; Boyz XIX
July 6th @ Class Acts, The Grace Darling VIC w/ Hertz (D.a. Calf) + LVP

Please email for access to a pre-release stream of GOUT or BRUXUS

Previous comments about FEET TEETH:

“One of the strangest, most wonderful acts oozing out of the cracks of Brisbane … Utilising drums, marimba, trumpet and electronics (including their ever reliable C64 reimaginings), the band tap into a free-jazz purgatory that is often presents a corporeal, cacophonous cocoon to slip inside and melt away in. It isn’t restive, narcoleptic music however - there is an errant restlessness to the instrumentation here, even in the spaces between the chaos - but there is a world being created that requires complete immersion, zero outside-world intrusions.” - Sonic Masala [blog]

“It’s one thing to employ a unique form of presentation, it’s another entirely to expand that form into results sturdy enough to support a full-length recording.
Aphthae Epizooticae [previous FEET TEETH tape] manages this feat and then some via a meager store of instruments including percussion, marimba, Commodore 64, and trumpet” -  Tinymixtapes website

“Kicking the EP off with Hsinchu, Feet Teeth cram more interesting ideas into four-and-a-half minutes than should theoretically be posible. Said ideas don’t battle each other for attention, in fact  they almost line up and take turns.” Timeoff Magazine


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