Ediface - Brunswick - 26 Jun 2016

(no)signal is a Melbourne based sound + media art collective
dedicated to experimentation and the exploration of non-traditional art media within a supportive and inclusive environment.

1. a building, especially one of large size or imposing appearance [site]
2. any large, complex system or organization [art]
3. a two day site-specific accelerated collaborations residency curated by (no)signal [event]

A house full of new collaborations, performances and installations by artists

:: Sorcha Wilcox :: Jay Curtis :: Mino Peric
:: Soraya Mobayad :: Laura Davis :: Gill Lever

Sunday 26th June17 Victoria Grove, Brunswick

Doors open to the public @ 6pm
$5 entry + snacks provided

This is an alcohol free event

Supported by RMIT Link Arts and Culture

(forwarded from Miranda)