New Noise from HARAAM - GHARAR

Extremist corporate satire?  Dangerous terrorist motivation-aides?  Just more meaningless noise? 

Australian sound-artists HARAAM have released yet another in their series of pro-capitalist / pro-terrorist music-free "albums", focusing on the shadowy terrain where harsh noise, dark ambient, experimental drone, and minimalised field recordings meet.  The latest release, "Gharar", is available for free (pay what thou wilt) on the Bandcamp platform, and pre-empts their highly-anticipated live performance at the Black Mountain festival in later June this year.   Stay tuned...


"A gharar transaction occurs where one party can only benefit by the other's loss, under conditions of uncertainty.

Commercial insurance is given as an example of this, since either the insured pays a premium and receives no countervalue, or the insurer pays out much more on a claim than was received by way of premium.

In finance, gharar is observed within derivative transactions, such as forwards, futures and options, in short selling, and in speculation."