Melbourne Drone Orchestra + Cardew's Treatise + Tim Coster at Northcote Uniting Church

On May 7th, the Melbourne Drone Orchestra performed a concert at the Northcote Uniting Church. Ian Parson's curated Cardew's Treatise on the day and Tim Coster performed a positively ephemeral set. Shane van den Akker introduced the MDO with a brilliant bel canto vocal improvisation.

A big thankyou to all involved and all who attended for being downright lovely. The day ran smoothly and we look forward to putting on more events like this in the future.

A special thanks to;

Piers Morgan, Matt Refund, Ian Parsons, Tim Coster, TY, Vivienne Angela, Shane van den Akker, Barry Douglas, Amanda Collins, Rev Peter Batten and the Northcote Uniting Church community. 

Photo below taken by Barry Douglas. See more photos from the day at: Barry Takes Photos (instagram)


Clinton said…
It's nice to have this documentation of past gigs on here, too - something I wanted at the beginning of the blog but never really took off. I'd like to see more of this.