The experimental duet called GNAUMGN (pronounced "nom", based on the Crowleyian spelling ("aumgn") of the Sacred Spiritual Incantation "om") is comprised of Melbourne experimental veterans A Demon Sheen / A D Machine (HAARK, GRIST, INTRINSIC LIGHT, STINKY PICNIC, ILI PIKA, etc) and David Prescott-Steed (GWELE, MELBOURNE DRONE ORCHESTRA, SECTORAL, DIABOLICAL DEVICE, LE VIDE, etc).   The duet improvise across a wide palette of genres and instrumentations, in a style-free exploration of both music and non-music, that has so far included guitars, music boxes, drums, violins, trampolines, rockpools, marbles, voice, toy pianos, harmoniums, synthesisers, cardboard tubes, arghuls, field recordings, distorted contact mics, drum machines, metronomes, bells, reel-to-reel machines, and so on.  Nothing is out of bounds for GNAUMGN, and there are no rules.  They have even made experimental recordings through time and space, recording improvisations separated by 174 kilometres and several days (see the Remote Listening experiments on their Bandcamp page).

But this post is about their City Trilogy. 

The third and final release in the City Trilogy, "Ketemahuingatoru", is now available.  For fans of Nurse with Wound, Oren Ambarchi, Christian Fennesz, etc, the City Trilogy is an eclectic collection of glitchy improvisations performed in World Famous Guitar and Plunger Studios (Gippsland) and Diabolical Device Studios (Northcote).  The City Trilogy captures not only one-of-a-kind performances of Gnaumgnic Ritual and Ego-death, but is peppered also with urban field recordings of road works, tram rides, station announcements, and other forgotten/ignored Sounds of the City.

Available now, pay what thou wilt.

DISC 1: Trilox√≠anacathrach
DISC 2: Driolegcidade
DISC 3: Ketemahuingatoru