Drum and Waste

In 2014, prolific plunderphonic pirate queen Buttress O'Kneel decide that what would be really cool would be to test her mad real-time CD destruction/manipulation skillz in a jam environment with someone else playing drums - frenetic acoustic beats versus glitchcore samplophonic wizardry.  So she decided to make it happen.

The first release (entitled "Drum and Waste") featured herself and ubiquitous sound-gnome A Demon Sheen on the skins (drummer for RAKSHASA/FORGOTTEN CAIRNS/GNAUMGN/BADCOPBADCOP etc), and may indeed have invented the new genre "thrash-up" all on its own: the result was a grindcore-influenced mess of distortion and glitch, with moments of actual "music" punctuating the madness.

Two years later, and Buttress has done it again, this time teaming up with Melbourne prunk goddess Jen Tait (ex-GO GENRE EVERYTHING, currently drumming for "mindfulness meditation metal" band INTRINSIC LIGHT, as well as looping guitars in solo project SQUIRREL PANCAKE, and a bunch more).  This time, although there are still explosions of unbridled chaos, the general vibe is more rhythmic and minimalist.  But yes - enough talking about it, have a listen. 

(Like all of Ms O'Kneel's work, these two albums are Pay What You Like - accessible for the pauper and the politician alike.)

Drum and Waste, Volume 1 (B'O'K and A Demon Sheen)

Drum and Waste, Volume 2 (B'O'K and Jen Tait)