New titles on Shame File Music

Ernie Althoff "Underground Blue" CD This new collection of Althoff recordings features a number of longer, more minimalist pieces that explore the incidental rumble and texture of the machines created in all their close-mic'd glory, with subtle compositional structures taking the listener on a sonic journey. These machines, often driven by turntables or tape recorder motors, are documented on the inside cover in full colour photos. Limited edition of 60 copies.

Online reissues! - 
I’ve been working my way through some Undecisive God/Clinton Green limited edition releases that are now sold out, and reissuing them online for free streaming and download. Here are the latest two:

Undecisive God “A Vinyl Construction” - Perhaps my first dedicated turntable release, limited edition of 50 copies – 7″ vinyl in handmade covers, released on Revolution Records in 2009, sold out long ago, now reissued online. The download also includes a selection of images of the handmade sleeves.

Undecisive God/Screwtape “RPMs/Shitless” - This 2010 cassette, shared with Screwtape, features the very first iteration of my “RPMs” series of compositions for turntables that occupied me for a few years. The other track is a classic slab of Screwtape’s power noise. Originally released as a limited edition of 50 cassettes.

Also now available online (this one for $7 download):

Gordoa/McNab/Myburgh “Passive Transport” CD/digital (Limited edition CD still available, but going fast).

All available from