Stargazed - Shadow Electric - 9 Apr 2016

"“Stargazed” Video Art, Shoegaze & Psych Music Festival
Stargazed is a collaboration between Video Art & Music that celebrates ideas of a darker and experimental nature. The intention an philosophy behind the festival is to challenge the way we listen and interpret music and visual art. 
8 Video Artists will attempt to do just that, as they push the boundaries through exploring the possibilities and adventures that art can take us on.  Each artist has taken on the challenge of collaborating with one of the bands performing on the night, by interpreting their music into a visual & vivid language. The festival will mark the debut of this work. 
Full scale, multi channel, video art projections and live visuals will engulf the audience as they intertwine with dark ethereal, shoegaze sounds delivered by a careful selection of Melbourne's finest emerging bands. 
Band Lineup:  Audego, Fierce Mild, ESC, Breve, The Citradels, Beloved Elk, Masco Sound System, & Dada Ono. 
Video Artists: Adele Wilkes, Stephanie Peters, Dotahn Caspi, Alana West, Mietta Mintzis, Adam Dewhirts, VJ Ka_Coffiney, & Jutta Pryor." 

(forwarded from Stephanie Peters)