5pm Sunday! LEBOWSKIS Presents H.Abyst // Turpentine Faultlines

This Sunday - 14th February - at the Moreland City Band Hall - 22 Cross Street Brunswick East - Lebowskis presents a panorama of new improvised music from H.Abyst and Turpentine Faultlines.

H.ABYST : 5.15pm

Aurora Darby - Voice
Shaun Rammers - Tenor saxophone
Peter Bouwman - Bass guitar

A trio of sweet and sad cinematic sequences, improvised and carved from the limitless potential of a silent room. Lifting the listener from the expected into a wider emotional spectrum of experience.

TURPENTINE FAULTLINES (pictured) : 6.15pm

Kim Kerze - Guitar & pedals
Michael McNab - Drums & percussion

Turpentine Faultlines is the instrumental folk-noise duo of Kim Kerze and Michael McNab. Slowly unfolding sound worlds that hover between song and clamour. Traces of wailing melodies emerge out of blurry drones, subtle tactile gestures morph into carefully timed chaotic interruptions, and passages of vulnerable uproar dissolve into moments of sweet near-silence.

Doors open at 5pm

$5 Concession
$10 Full