Shame File Music - January sale items.

Shame File Music sale - ends 31 January 2016
Australia Post drastically increased postage as at 1 January 2016, which means I now have to do a lot of work on the Shame File Music website to revamp postage prices. 

Help me out and pick yourself up a bargain in the process by purchasing some of the below items - only one copy remains of each. If you buy it, I don't have to update it's price!
To encourage you, I've discounted all their prices. 

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Besides these titles, you may want to take advantage of the fact that all the other hundreds of titles on the website are still quoting the old, cheaper postage rates, and order some of those as well before the new postage rates are instated on the website in February.

Anonymous cassette - A leading, longtime noisician returns to recording via this strictly anonymous 90 minute tape, consisting of lowercase noise, field recording, turntable damage and more. - $3

Ellen Band "90% Post Consumer Sound" CD - Ellen Band's work . . . lies in the path it takes, leading one from listening to recordings of natural sounds to, before one knows it, being immersed in a dense and complex field of sound which, though built completely from natural elements, is something quite transcendent and otherworldly. Band's music seduces us into perceiving the sensuous properties of familiar sounds by building dense and complex sound environments out of these elements. By sheer sensory density we are brought face-to-face with the physical, vibrational reality of sounds, bringing us to a state of attention to what we perhaps have lazily ignored through over-familiarity. Tim Perkis, ... her 'sound art' .. is celestial in its implications and down to earth in its reverence for everyday noises." - Kyle Gann, Village Voice - $11

David Behrman "Unforeseen Events" CD - Unforeseen Events is one of many pieces Behrman has made with computer software designed to interact in real time with a solo performer. The four sections recorded here were made specifically with Ben Neill's performance style in mind. The electronic timbres are intended to complement the sounds of his instrument - the admirable and humorous mutantrumpet, with its three separately-mutable and playable bells. Refractive Light consists of three small pieces based on an interweaving and overlapping of simple phrases. A musician strikes pitches which trigger responses in the form of sustained tones. The tones die out after a few seconds. While a tone is on it deflects the pitches of other "on" tones, so that harmonic changes occur at the on-and-off edges of overlappping layers. The idea can give rise to a kind of fanning or breathing rhythm which adapts itself to different styles of playing, and to a harmonic vocabulary with dozens or scores of family members. - $11

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek "Patina" LP - For the creation of ‘Patina’, Catlin and Zuydervelt adhered to the tried and tested method of working successfully employed on their previous collaboration. Catlin made initial recordings drawing upon a wide range of approaches, preparations and techniques for guitar and electric sitar that were then sent to Zuydervelt for the addition of extra sounds, overdubs and sequencing. With both artists’ sharing a passion for developing upon the minutiae of the guitar, ‘Patina’ is an immersive album of unfurling layers of sound, acute harmonic gestures and deeply embedded drones. Throughout the course of these two long-form tracks, one can sense that the working relationship between these two artists has hit its stride. With a broader sound palette, including the introduction of field recordings and rhythmic elements being utilised to great effect, 'Patina' is an album of both gentle nuance and compelling intensity. (White vinyl). - $22

Tim Catlin & Machinefabriek "Glisten" CD - Whilst researching information on prepared guitar, Zuydervelt discovered the work of Tim Catlin, most notably his album ‘Radio Ghosts’ (released on 23five in 2007). Intrigued by Catlin’s approach towards mechanically prepared guitar and the engaging sound world created by this unassuming expertise, a partnership was soon set in motion. For the release, Catlin made initial recordings drawing upon a wide range of approaches including guitar preparations, customized and abused effects through to more 'conventional' picking. These tracks were then sent to Zuydervelt for the addition of extra sounds and overdubs through to final editing and sequencing. With both artists’ sharing a passion for developing upon the minutiae of the guitar, ‘Glisten’ is an immersive album of slowly unfurling sound layers, deeply embedded drones and acute harmonic gestures. Throughout the running time, a palpable sense of playfulness is present, allowing the prepared guitar process to determine the course of action. Through minor touches and sleights of hand, fleeting vibrations are produced which are capable of both overwhelming intensity and pure sonic transcendence. - $17

cleaninglady/Klunk - Surface Noise vol. 1 CDR - The Surface Noise series kicks off with a Melbourne double, featuring the modular synthesis noise of cleaninglady and a subterranean performance of unique handmade instruments and electronics from Rod Cooper’s Klunk. - $4

Rod Cooper "Magnets on Blank Tape" LP - Cooper creates rhythmic musique concrete by placing magnets of various strengths on or in the vicinity of blank tape; his instrument is electromagnetism as much as the tape itself. - $24

Dark Passenger/Infinite Decimals - "Dark Decimals" casette - Dark Passenger provides cinematic ambient guitar drone sketches, whilst Infinite Decimals offer a longer minimalist guitar and bass jam. - $3

Decibel "Disintegration: Mutation" CD - Two electroacoustic compositions each from Decibel members, Cat Hope and and Lindsay Vickery, including bowed carving knives on Hope's "Kuklinski's Dream". - $12

The Feeder "With These Wings I Am A Fighter" CDR - Seemingly constructed from cheesy arcade game sound effects, The Feeder takes a sideways step with this release and explores the different ways these basic sounds can be manipulated to create varying atmospheres. - $4

Malcolm Goldstein "The Seasons: Vermont" CD - The Seasons: Vermont is a soundscape of Vermont as charted through the changes of its yearly soundings. It is a composition in four parts (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring) for magnetic tape collage with an unspecified live instrumental/vocal ensemble. Though the actual composing of the music was completed between 1980 and 1982, it is the realization of a ten-year composition project. Goldstein listened closely and became attuned to what was the particular sound quality of each season in Vermont. He then took the sounds that he had recorded and made a tape collage hich, for him, arrived at that particular, essential quality of each season. - $11

Clinton Green "Turntable At Dawn" CDR - This unedited recording was made in Green's backyard in January 2012. His instrument was an 'acoustic turntable', where objects and percussive instruments are placed on the turntable platter to create chaotic rhythms, in this case attempting to integrate with the ambient sound in the backyard (both natural and industrial). 'Turntable At Dawn' is a limited edition of 30 numbered CDRs. Each cover is unique, incorporating pressed flora and herbs from the recording location. LAST COPY ANYWHERE I THINK! - $5

Clinton Green & Andrew McIntosh "Stations" cassette - These recordings were made in preparation for the live performance of a piece of the same name, but in this excerpted/recording context it is the sound of a deep curiosity / fascination with the lives of objects. Metal, ceramic, wood are subjected to scraping, bowing and clattering. organic percussive movement emerges and retreats along with prepared / broken turntable accompaniment. Acoustic chamber concrète. Limited edition of 25 numbered copies. - $3

Green Beret CD - Rare collaboration output from this trio of Melbourne regulars Arek Gulbenkoglu, Henry Krips and Justin Fuller; an interesting exploration of electronics, static and noise. - $4

Lloyd Honeybrook "I Love Luci(er)" CD - Creating oscilating high frequencies with speakers and saxaphone, Honeybrook uses the resonance of his feedback system to create a spatial sound environment referencing Alvin Lucier; perhaps recorded "sitting in a room with sax and speaker"? - $4

Tom Johnson "Music For 88" CD - Simplicity and clarity have always been among Tom Johnson's chief concerns as a composer. That concern led him to research number theory, particularly by Pascal, Fermat, and Euclid, and these sources suggested musical structures somewhat more complicated than those that he had used before. Music for 88 is the result of these researches. It contains nine sections (six of which are on this recording), each of which is a musical demonstration of a mathematical phenomenon. - $11

Justice Yeldham - Picture Disc 12" - Live and studio recordings of contact mic'd glass being blown and chewed on, with full colour bloody images on each side - $15

Richard Lainhart "Ten Thousand Shades of Blue" 2CD - "Lainhart's music rings true to the spirit of possibility that once defined electronic music. It brings with it a sense of past, present and future that transcends time, technology and cultural assumptions. It's a music that is beholden to no one, yet informed by a diverse sphere of appreciations, rich in both intellectual and emotional interest, at once distant and interior, actual and implied. " - $15

Jackson Mac Low "Open Secrets" CD - Open Secrets features Mac Low and Anne Tardos performing works for multi-track voices; and Robert Bethea, Andrew Bolotowsky, Daniel Goode, and Gabriela Klassen performing instrumental pieces. Winds/Instruments for flute, clarinet, trombone, violin, and narrator, could well become a classic of new music, not only being beautiful, but also displaying Mac Low's witty use and love of words. - "Mac Low, one of our true inventors, creates new modes and brings us back to the oldest possibilties of sound and language as they enter poetry and music and performance." - $11

New Waver "The Defeated" CD - Melbourne's New Waver tell the story of evolution as they see it with samples of interviews with the mentally ill over instrumentals of keyboards and cut up drum tracks; life is divided up into Winners and Losers, as dictated by our genes. Inevitably depressing and very funny. - $4

Radio Ca Ca cassette - Collage of what sounds like radio signals and programmes. Label promo: 'Like something you’d pick up in a dodgy porn shop or hopefully find one day in a vinnies bin and it blows your mind. Exactly as the name suggests, you’ll be skipping through the radio channels of absolute blissed out synth, wandering back to days of primitive ruckus, and trekking through the streets of Mexico to Thailand, only to return to some odd homely conversation. All recorded direct to dictaphone and all out of wack'. - $3

Rectoplasm - "Lemuria: songs from a sunken continent" CD - Music from the mythical lost continent of Lemuria are reimagined with a healthy dose of humour. - $4

Scott Smallwood - "Desert Winds" CD - Sound artist Scott Smallwood gathered sounds for this CD from field recordings he made mostly around the desert of Utah, and in Berlin and LAX Airport. Listening to the six desert pieces is like sound theatre, an aural trip through real landscapes, subtly manipulated so that the listener cannot but feel and explore them in an intimate way. - $10

Solids - "Possible Human" CD - Forerunner to the Hi-God People with Julian Williams and Greg Wadley, Solids present psychedelic noise collisions of guitar, drums and analogue synth. - $4

Tarab - "Strata" CD - Strata has been constructed from recording made in a series of vacant lots and their immediate surrounds in the north-west of Melbourne. These vacant lots are backed onto by various factories and warehouses on one side and a train line and Moonee Ponds creek (perhaps more aptly described as a concrete storm water drain) on the other. Running some 20 meters above all this is a large multi-lane highway overpass...Rather than attempting to document this location I set out to construct a sound piece from the place itself through my direct interaction with it. Somehow collecting together all the existent traces I could unearth to form the work. Not only through walking, observing and recording the various areas and sounds but also by crawling and scratching around in the dirt; sifting through the piles of discarded objects; listening to the solid vibrations of the concrete pylons and traffic noise from inside the creek; by burying microphones and dragging them through the dirt and rubble. Strata attempts to respond to ideas of urban density and emptiness, and to show how these states blur and overlap each other. I have tried to highlight the small hidden details and with them create a condensed hyper-real version of my many wanderings through this area. But perhaps more simply put, Strata is the result of a process of attempting to, if only fleetingly, inhabit somewhere. To see, hear, smell and touch it. - Eamon Sprod (Tarab) Limited edition of 200 handnumbered copies. - $17

Undecisive God - "RPMs 2" cassette - The title track on Side A is a continuation of the developing RPMs series based around a basic compositional structure for prepared turntables. The B side has other recent pieces for guitar, turntable and voice. Ltd to 40 professionally-duplicated copies. LAST COPY ANYWHERE I THINK! - $3

Vocabulurinist - "Un Trait de Genie" cassette - Rampant Sydney home recorders and genre hoppers present a varied mix of sounds and beats. - $3

W.I.T. - "That's Terrible" mini CDR - A blast of quality noise from this under-appreciated early 2000s regional Victorian artist - $3

Peter Zummo - "Experimenting with Household Chemicals" CD - Experimenting with Household Chemicals explores a trombone-specific method for generating melodic movement, as well as a collection of related, “spinoff” melodic material for ensemble. This method is a new way of seeing and combining slide and lip movements, so that performance can precisely follow well-defined mental diagrams while generating unexpected melodic material not conditioned by other, more common musical habits. Musicians include: Mustafa Ahmed, Jon Gibson, Joseph Kubera, Dennis Masuzzo, Arthur Russell, Bill Ruyle, and Peter Zummo. - $11

Various Artists "Defenders of the Axe #1" CD - This CD was a one-off pressing of approximately 20 copies for the performance of the same name in Melbourne January 2006, and a handful have been made available here. Each performer on the night contributed a track each. It features 4 Australian ambient/experimental guitar acts: Ben Frost, North Atlantic, Three Month Sunset, Bokor with Clinton Green. - $4

Various Artists "Fuck You, You Worthless Cunts" CDR - Australian noise compilation with Undecisive God, Screwtape and more - $4

Various Artists "Stove Goats" CD - Brisbane sound art denizens Urblooten (Joe Musgrove), Secret Killer of Names (Lloyd Barrett) and Company Fuck (Scott Sinclair) pay tribute to Burzam. Not for posers. - $4

Various Artists "Nocastle" cassette - This compilation is a much-welcome document of the vital Newcastle noise scene, featuring Cock Safari, Drillbit, RSI, Mitchell Brennan, Brassskulls and more. - $3

ALSO, other special deals on Shame File Music:
*Purchase any Ernie Althoff title and get a copy of his classic "Heliosonics" CD free 

*Purchase both "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music: 1930-1973" CD and "Artefacts of Australian Experimental Music Volume II: 1974-1983" double CD for $50ppd ($54ppd outside Australia) - the secret history of Australian experimental music revealed.