Mohini-Holmes/Myburgh/McNab & Prophets - Conduit Arts - 27 Jan 2016

An evening of live sound-play and stylefree groovy wonderment!

8.30pm - Prophets! (performing on the footpath out the front)

Prophets – Ah!Puch!, Bird Brain, Groovy G, Heaps Mad, Shazzam, Ctrl+Alt+Man & Pug – are the of originators of the Stylefree Movement. The best dressed and grooviest street band in Sydney & Melbourne, Australia!!! Playing raw grooves with multiple saxes, drums, percussion, balafons, melodicas, guitars, xylophones, MPCs, basses, masks and wonderment!

‘Beings in vibrant masks known for their focus on polyphonic saxophone improvisations & polyrhythmic percussion that knocks hard.’ (Jazzgroove Australia)

‘…It's a wonderful way to enjoy music, with all the visual splendor and the meandering dancing sax with the noise noise noise of all that is dragged into the room with them…grab the kids if you are lucky enough to get a chance to see them….If you can’t take kids – get to see them anyway.’ (Reviewer, Lisa Thatcher)

9:30pm - Mohini-Holmes/Myburgh/McNab

Shani Mohini-Holmes - vocals, kinetic gestures
Josten Myburgh - no-input mixer, laptop
Michael McNab - percussion, feedback, radio

Josten Myburgh is a 21 year old musician living in Perth. He writes music for instruments and electronics, plays improvised music with saxophone, drum kit or Max/MSP, makes beat-based music that takes hip-hop as a departure point to enter territories of musique concrete and noise, runs workshops on free improvisation, curates concerts of experimental music for Tura New Music, and occasionally dances.

Listening with an unfixed body and open eyes, drummer/percussionist Michael McNab’s kinetic interactions with collaborators, objects and site form the material of his improvisations. He is interested in human and non-human presence as impetuses for sound making, and in spatiality and anti-virtuosity (walking around and dropping things) as ways to shake up audience-performer relationships.

Shani Mohini-Holmes is a vocal artist and event organiser who is currently employing Diego Chamy's No-CV policy.

Entry is $10!

(forwarded from Michael McNab)