Hannes Buder Melboure dates 26-27 Jan 2016

Hannes Buder is an experimental musician and composer based in Berlin. His works circle around issues of movement, authenticity, intuition, minimalism, density and slowness. Next to his solo project, he is contributing his unique instrumental style and characterful compositional work to a number of bands and projects, such as his duo [ro] with percussionist Hannes Lingensshotgun chamber trioheisenberg quintet and the dance company collective one:third.
Buder is also a frequent appearance in the Berlin free improv scene and performs regularly with internationally renowned improvisors like Audrey Chen, Steve Heather, Mike Majkowski and Tony Buck. His work has been documented on various releases through labels such as Umlaut Records and metarecords.
Hannes is going to perform both solo and in collaboration with others at Soundout Festival (Canberra), Colburne Ave (Sydney) and Make it up Club (Melbourne) among others.
Hannes Buder Australia Tour 2016 (Melbourne dates)

26.01.2016 ­ Melbourne (AU) // Make it up club // w Gary Butler

time: 8:30pm

adress: Bar Open, 317 Brunswick Street Fitzroy, Melbourne, Victoria, 3065

website: http://makeitupclub.blogspot.de/

27.01.2016 ­ Melbourne (AU) // Ruby's Music Room // Solo

time: 7pm

adress: RUBY'S MUSIC ROOM, 132 Lt. Lonsdale St. Melbourne 3000

website: http://www.rubysmusicroom.com/
(forwarded from Hannes Lingens)