Keys, Crowdfunding and Vinyl

Nat Grant's Precious available for pre-sale until December 8

Since 2013 I have been collecting keys that were no longer needed or wanted, perhaps keys to things that don't work or don't exist anymore, or keys that had been found: any number and size/shape, as long as they were no longer needed or wanted. More than 20 people donated over 300 keys to the project. 

Keys are so symbolic - of possession, freedom, privacy, safety, power and oppression. Everyone who gave me keys had stories to tell about the keys they were donating. Some belonged to an old car or an old house. Some had been found in new houses and some belonged to buildings or objects that no longer exist. Everyone who donated keys had held on to these precious objects even though they were no longer useful, because of the memories they contained and in some cases because they felt it would have been wasteful to throw them away. I am so grateful for all the donations and stories that have helped to form this project. 

I am currently in the process of recording the keys, used as percussion instruments with digital processing. The resulting recorded composition will be in two parts, and will be launched early in 2016. 

This campaign is for pre sales of 100 copies of a 7" vinyl (with digital download) containing the completed Precious composition.

Support of this campaign will also include a free ticket to the launch of this project, at a venue in Melbourne in February 2016. 

A short preview track from the early stages of the composition may be heard here: 

Nat Grant