TONIGHT 29/10/2015 -- Taipan Tiger Girls//Bonnie Mercer//Evelyn Morris//Mod.B @ The Tote

Junk Mnemonic presents --
‘Ersatz Motile’

Tracing a line between the realms of ambient abstraction and beat-driven construction, ‘Ersatz Motile’ will progressively take in the exploratory improv of Evelyn Morris (Pikelet, Baseball) and the wild feedback of Bonnie Mercer (Grey Daturas, Breathing Shrine), in order to best frame a performance by rhythm-and-drone trio Taipan Tiger Girls (Ollie Olsen of Whirlywirld, Max Q, w/ Lisa MacKinney and Mat Watson)

Closing the night, an extended beat coda from haptic digital improviser Mod.B

Doors at 8PM -- $5 on the door

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