Tilde New Music Academy - Expressions of interest

Tilde New Music Academy - An exciting opportunity for young people to learn about the composition and performance of Modern Art music.

Are you a woodwind, brass, or string performer interested in challenging new (modern art) music and improvisation? Or a composer wanting to develop your computer music chops and get intensive, hands on experience composing for installation, or performing some interesting and challenging music? Be part of the inaugural 5 day Tilde New Music Academy 2016!

The workshop will be held in two streams, Performance or Composition. Both streams will involve discussions, talks and practical sessions covering a wide range of topics.

Express interest via this form* and we will get back to you by early November with booking information.

The work generated during the workshop will be shown on Friday afternoon from 4pm at The Channel and on Saturday the 23rd January at the Tilde New Music Festival at Testing Grounds.


Questions about the academy? contact info@tilde.net.au 
Questions about the Arts Centre or booking? contact amy.bennett@artscentremelbourne.com.au

(forwarded from Alice Bennett)