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More Talk, Less Action: “What does it mean to be a composer in Australian today?”

‘More Talk, Less Action’ is a series of events that provides a forum to conversations about contemporary cutting-edge music, along with performances relevant to the topic discussed. After two successful series through 2013 and 2014, More Talk returns for a special one-off, free event at a new venue.

Join Clinton Green, Greg Wadley and three artists working closely with contemporary composition – Kate Neal, Sean Baxter and Alexander Garsden – as they explore the question: What does it mean to be a composer in Australia today? We’ll interpret this question on several levels: Philosophically – Where does composition stop and improvisation begin in an age of open-ended and graphical scores? Practically – What are the everyday hurdles and rewards of being a working composer? Career – What challenges do composers face, and what advice would our panel offer a young Australian contemplating life as a composer?

Also featuring performances by Alexander Garsden and Sean Baxter.

Thursday 13 August 2015 (7:30pm) – free entry
Kate Neal, Sean Baxter, Alexander Garsden
Venue: The Channel, Arts Centre, Melbourne.
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Clinton Green & Barnaby Oliver Discretions limited edition CDR now available

Thirty short, discrete, acoustic improvisations, where Green and Oliver consciously looked for ways to end the improvisation, rather than extend it. Instrumentation includes violin, banjo, gramophone and percussion. Limited edition of 30 copies, each with an individual hand-drawn cover by Anna Dusk (see all thirty covers here), and each with a unique track order determined by a random number generator derived from atmospheric noise. Order from
Other new additions to Shame File Music mailorder

AMM "At the Roundhouse" CD - The International Carnival of Experimental Sound, or ICES '72 for short, was an ambitious festival sprung from the mind of Harvey "Job" Matusow (1926-2002). Jumping off from his associations with Source magazine, Harvey brought together over 300 artists from over 21 countries to perform in London, England over the course of two weeks in August of 1972. Based on the theme of Myth, Magic Madness and Mysticism, he assembled an amazing diversity of performers working in diverse range of audio-visual arts. Encompassing happenings, films, dance, a train ride, and the phantom soft pool table, the focus was on sound - specifically that of artists who were both composers and performers. Most of the concerts were held at The Roundhouse, a cavernous structure that was formerly a railroad engine house, and recorded by John Lifton and his assistants. Now, for the first time in 30 years, these recordings can be heard. 

"Music from half a lifetime ago - that was a very good creative time musically and maybe a new generation will appreciate what we were doing then and still are doing now. Playing with Eddie in that format, just the two of us, was my most rewarding musical experience after the break up of the AMM quartet. When Eddie and Keith tried to get it together again with the four of us I could not go back to that after the freedom of the duo." - Lou Gare.

Ellen Fullman "Staggered Stasis" CD Over the last two decades, Ellen Fullman has been perfecting her Long String Instrument. This unique instrument of her own design is some 80 feet in length and played by literally walking through it. The resulting sounds are beautiful gliding tones with a rich harmonic content. The CD presents two works from her time in Austin, Texas in the late 1980's which beautifully display a sound you can get inside of. These long tracks envelope you in their cascading overtones.

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Coming up in September – “The Birds Conference” returns

After a sold-out three show run as part of La Mama Theatre’s Explorations series last year, and a one-off performance at Conduit Arts earlier this year, Elnaz Sheshgelani’s play returns to La Mama for a two week season. We are currently in rehearsal, and the production has been significantly revamped and reimagined. I will again be doing the music, and Simon Fisher has joined us on visual effects.

La Mama Theatre, 205 Faraday Street, Carlton
2-13 September (Wednesday – Sunday)
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