Dinner and a Show #2 - Cross Street - 15 Aug 2015

Dinner and a Show #2

A monthly series of home-cooked food and exploratory performance.

Jenny Ruth Barnes (born Adelaide, Australia, 1981) is a vocalist, performer and video maker based in Melbourne. Barnes achieved a Masters Degree in Applied Linguistics and a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Performance and has studied under the tutelage of predominant vocalists in New York City, Lisboa, Berlin and Oslo. Barnes has travelled extensively throughout rural Australia, Western Europe and Scandinavia gathering fuel for her work into the musicality of language and she is currently undertaking formal study of AUSLAN. Jennyʼs work has featured alongside that of Meredith Monk (USA), Jaap Blonk (Netherlands), Fatima Miranda (Spain) and Amanda Stewart (Australia). 

Barnes examines and mimics field recordings of Arctic mammals, domestic pets and birds to achieve an extensive and diverse vocal capacity. Barnes then studies the rhythmic cadences and pitch modulations of human languages and applies her findings to an improvisatory musical context.

Nat Grant is a multi-instrumentalist, sound artist, composer and teacher. She works predominantly as a freelance artist and has been employed as a composer and performer in the fields of puppetry, theatre, film, animation, and dance. Nat’s work explores intersections between improvisation, chance and intention in the development of sound as a sculptural medium. Her solo performances integrate electronic processing and sampling with acoustic percussion instruments and found objects. 

Nat holds a PhD in music composition from the Victorian College of the Arts (University of Melbourne). She performs regularly at venues around Melbourne, and is frequently engaged in projects and performances that invite her audience to be part of the process or realisation of an artwork.

Maud Léger is a French dance, theatre and movement artist based in Melbourne. She performs as a dancer, mover and actor. Her experience ranges from dancing in contemporary dance-theatre pieces (i.e. Mechanical Eye by Gregory Lorenzutti (Brazil/Aus) to performing movement-based live art works ( i.e. Capital at Brisbane Festival by Gregor Kamnikar & Tina Dobaj Eber (Slovenia) as well as acting for Opera Australia and other production companies. Her interest in choreography and performance making gravitates around the dramaturgical potentials of the body in relation to motion, space and time. Last year Maud was a recipient of the Ian Potter Cultural Trust - a travel grant for emerging artists that enabled her to refine her practice both as a dancer and a maker. In 2015 she is creating a new solo dance work: Chagrin Pour Rien with the support of choreographer, dancer, writer and dramaturge Paea Leach.

(forwarded from Shani Mohini-Holmes)