Third Rail - Conduit Arts - 30 Jul 2015

Thursday 30th July:  8:30
Conduit Arts Initiative  83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

THIRD RAIL is a reunion of the ensemble-formerly-known-as the Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective, Gary Butler (guitar, toys and stupidity), Warren Burt (laptop and electronics) and Houston Dunleavy (clarinet),with a range of special guests. For this event,  those guests include (but may not be limited to) Lloyd Honeybrook (sax) Tim Pledger (another sax), Belinda Woods (flute) and Tom Fryer (guitar). May include traces of nut.
Cat Hope wrote in her book ‘Experimental Music: Audio Explorations in Australia’ : “. . . for all-out crazy chaos, nothing quite beats the free-spirited approach of the Wollongong Anarchist Noisemakers Kollective (WANK).  This group takes Cornelius Cardew’s Scratch Orchestra model of the 1960s, and its politicisation of music, and gives it an Australian flavour.

Houston Dunleavy explains the name: “The third rail is the rail that runs between the two outside rails, providing electricity to the train. So it is a source of power – it is underground – and if you touch it, it will kill you. It also avoids the problems of applying for funding with an antisocial acronym!”
Info about previous gigs (with videos & photos included) here:

Third Rail - WarrenBurtWarren Burt is a composer, performer, video artist, sound poet, writer, instrument maker (both in hardware and software, electronic and acoustic) and a few other things. Before arriving in Australia in 1975, Warren Burt was “searching for the weird” in his native state of New York, picking-up hints of the experimentations in performance, poetry and visual art that were happening in New York City during the 1960s. Since the 1970s he has continued to perform and exhibit his compositional works internationally. Through mixing playful improvisation with machine interaction systems, Warren Burt creates musical objects that require an open-ended attitude to “listening and experiencing”.
Third Rail - HoustonHouston Dunleavy is a composer, conductor, improviser, clarinettist, academic, etc. He has conducted, and had his music performed in the USA, the UK, France, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Italy, Singapore, Japan, Puerto Rico and Wollongong.
Third Rail - GaryGary Butler plays guitar with a wide variety of objects, from sex toys to rubber chickens. “If Fred Frith and Henry Kaiser became boring to you, you have ripened for the next step! . . .I have received a great pleasure from tracking a flight of fancy – of the actor taking both ordinary, and simply improbable, sounds from such a banal tool as a guitar!”
 The Age reviewed Gary Butler’s performance at 2004’s What Is Music? Festival: “He may have looked like a serial killer, but this was about controlled chaos.
(forwarded from Gary Butler)