Guitarelay - Bar Open - 19 Jul 2015

Happening this Sunday evening is the perfect event to warm your insides. 

GUITARELAY is a sonic and visual treat that will wash your winter woes away.

This is 16 guitarists performing an un-rehearsed and improvised audio-visual piece, these guitarists are:

·         Bonnie Mercer
·         Claire Birchall
·         Grace Anderson
·         Jane Dust
·         Kellie Lloyd (Screamfeeder)
·         Kim Myers (FUR)
·         Lara Sulio (Fourteen Nights At Sea)
·         Laura MacFarlane (ninety-nine) 
·         Lisa McKinney (Taipan Tiger Girls)
·         Marney Macleod (ZOND)
·         Mia Schoen (New Estate)
·         Penny Ikinger
·         Rachael Cooke (Clag)
·         Sarah McKenna (Tangrams)
·         Tamara Dawn (HITS)

These guitarists will respond and interact to each other aurally in a totally un-pre-determined way. There is potential for each performer to move in and out of the ongoing interactive soundscape being created before our very eyes, and ears! 

This aural performance will be mirrored by improvised visuals, overlaid on and encasing the performance space. These visuals will be provided by pioneering UK video artist Paul Rodgers – one of the very first video artists to be shown by the BBC, also with work included in the Tate Gallery (UK) permanent collection.


Sunday 19th July
Bar Open – Brunswick St, Fitzroy
Doors 8pm, performance starts 9pm
$10 entry, unreserved seating

Facebook event here

(forwarded from Neumusak)