Dinner and a Show - Cross Street - 18 Jul 2015

A new monthly series of home-cooked food and exploratory performance.

Janette Hoe - dancer, Dur-é Dara and Ren Walters - musicians, are interested in articulating qualities of relational space through sounding, physicality and energetic exchange with each other. The performance appears as a unique construction always determined by the context and situation, it’sunpredictability a method for desired intensity.

Attending to breathing spaces and mouth details, Alice Hui-Sheng Chang and Rosalind Hall experiment with similarities between abstract voice and saxophone. The jump between interior and exterior perspectives of the instruments brings focus to the textures, movements and embodiment of sound.

Santo Cazzati is a spoken word artist. The son of Italian immigrants to Australia, he emerged from past lives as a classical concert pianist and avant-garde jazz musician to teach at an elite Melbourne private school which must remain anonymous in order to protect those concerned. He performs in a range of styles, from fast rhythmical delivery to slow atmospheric meditation, with a strong music influence.

6.30pm start (doors @ 6)
Entry by Donation