Performance participants needed for vocal improvisation performance

Performance participants needed
for vocal improvisation performance

Participants (no prior voice training required) will have the opportunity to develop a large scale vocal ensemble work with experimental vocal artist Alice Hui-Sheng Chang, resulting in a Liquid Architecture performance as part of the Nite Art event.

Nite Art Performance TIME/DATE: 6-10pm, Thursday 23rd July 2015

Rehearsal workshops: Monday 6th July 5.30-8.30pm
Rehearsal on the day: Thursday 23rd July 3-6pm 

The workshops will experiment with human voice, breath, sound and body in space. The participants will explore these relationships within themselves and with each other, and mapping these explorations inside the performance venue - Melbourne School of Design.
Performance SPACE: Melbourne School of Design, Melbourne University
The new Melbourne School of Design is a landmark architectural and pedagogical statement featuring striking "hanging" studios at the centre of an atrium designed to foster transparency and collaboration.
As a group, we will choreograph a 30-minute performance piece moving in and around the atrium.
Photos of Melbourne School of Design (see photo 2 and 3 for the atrium space)

PARTICIPATE: no prior training of voice is required. You will need to commit to the workshops and the performance.

It's a voluntary involvement. There is no cost for the workshops, but also no payment for the performance.
An example of previous performance:

EOI before 30th June.
Please contact Alice for expression of interest, including your name and contact details, and a brief intro about your interest in the project.

Thank you.

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang