Craft Swop B at Conduit Arts this Thursday May 7

This Thursday at Conduit Arts - an evening of sound-related performance, featuring some unique and special artists, curated by Barnaby Oliver:

Paul Rodgers

Audio-visual innovator, and founder member of London’s legendary Loophole Cinema, promises B&WTV, Camera, Vision Mixer, Korg MS20, Drum Machine, Theremin, Effects pedals, & some other odd things, & with feedback, with some TG, Suicide, with a bit of Casio, & Nam June Paik, Electronic, Mechanics, Old Technology,Anarchic Tendency from the twentieth-century.

Tim Catlin

Instrument inventor and founder of the amazing Overtone Ensemble, whose new album ‘Whorls’ (with Machinefabriek) is out soon on Low Point. Tim will be performing on acoustic synthesiser/vibrissa.

Anna Fern with Sjaak de Jong

Melbourne’s foremost exponents of sound poetry. Alongside new and improvised work, they will perform parts of Kurt Schwitters’ dadaist classic ‘Ursonate'

Barnaby Oliver with Simon Whitehead

Whitehead and Oliver have collaborated remotely for many years now. Originally using the postal service as a means to exchange material between their relative geographical locations, they have now developed an online process of sharing and altering materials as part of a long term commitment. In the 90‘s they would meet regularly to perform together and construct spaces with shared materials. They now rarely meet in person and location and concentrate instead on a process of working and responding with an emphasis on materiality and a constant cycle of alteration. Here the work, though referencing discrete locations, becomes so altered that it appears to hover between places. For this show they will present a live web-based sound/movement collaboration.

Thursday May 7, 8pm, Conduit Arts Initiative, 83 Brunswick Street Fitzroy ( Entry $10