OpenLAB May SATURDAY May 9th

Now that was a long wait!!!
SATURDAY (this time) May 9, 2-4pm at the Docklands Library (Lv2 - Performance Space)
Excited to get electrofreaked again and learn more about the amazing creative algorithms that float in our creative pools?!
Hell YES!
We are back!

This month we have an eclectic pair of speakers. Vincent Giles and Kate Geck are here to give us the much needed discourse to provide new thoughts for our discursive creative minds.

They will dive deep into the musical compositions in chemical compositions right to the ways we mediate immediacy through technology masking our sensors.

WHAT IS OPENLAB? - OpenLABs is here to share and explore the wonderful world of creative makers. Each talk allows artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers to come together and share their work and creative passions with the public and other creatives.


Kate Geck is an installation artist working with digital and sensory space. In particular, the ways technology can skew and mask sensory experience, and the differences between what she terms mediated and non-mediated immediacy. Her absorptive installations are sensorially overloaded with colour and AV texture, featuring acrylic sculpture, kaleidoscopic projections and augmented, digitally printed substrates. Based in Melbourne, Australia she is a CCD artist at Artful Dodgers Studios and lectures in Illustration at Melbourne Polytechnic.

Exhibitions include ISEA 2015 (Vancouver), International Centre for Contemporary Art (Singapore), San Francisco International Art Festival, Nextwave, NGV Studios, Dotonbori (Osaka) and L’Atelier Kunst (Berlin). She has received awards from City Of Melbourne, City of Yarra, NAVA, Arts Vic, Copyright Agency, commissions from State Library of QLD, Metaverse Makeovers, SIGNAL, Polyglot, Brisbane Festival and has been a finalist in the Churchie, Agendo and Toyota emerging art prizes.


Vincent Giles <<>>> will be presenting his talk "From chemical data to music notation: experiments in computer aided composition." which focuses on the first of a series of works being developed for solo baroque violin with classical bow, titled Silver With Carbon Bond.

His presentation will demonstrates his processes, obstacles, and work-in-progress outcomes of converting mass spectrometry data (molecular mass-to-charge) into pieces for acoustic instruments. He will outline the approaches taken, software developed, and notational strategies that are being used in the development of these works. The software he will discuss includes: Max MSP, Open Music, Finale,Sibelius, and includes considerations on the limitations of out-dated software/inter-software standards of communication.

Born in 1985, Vincent Giles is a sound artist and composer who creates works for concert halls, galleries, theatr

e, the outdoors, lounge rooms, etc. strongly influenced by the natural world, science, and imposed limitations. His work has been described as “… flourishing and melding in an unsettled but vibrant electroacoustic language” and painting “an amazing landscape”.

Vincent has a keen interest in physics and evolutionary biology, which is a major driving force in his creative work and has lead to doctoral research at the Victorian College of the Arts, University of Melbourne, examining the link between memetics and microsound in sound works. Asides sound, Vincent enjoys spicy food, craft beer, real ale, gardening, coffee, reading and being a recluse.

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