The Body Sound Project & Quadrivium - Long Play - 14 Mar 2015

****The Body Sound Project****
For the past Two years, Graeme Croft has been completing his Masters of Fine Arts at RMIT University - undertaking a research project titled ‘The Human Body as an Instrument: An Investigation into its Music’.
The project has involved investigating the history and practice of music which incorporates the internal sounds of the body (such as heart, breath and gut sounds), gaining skills with technologies to amplify body sounds, and developing a series of sound works based on the body as an instrument and its music in various contexts.

The LongPlay performance will revisit several of these compositions. Ben Simmons will feature in a body sound duet along with Graeme Croft. Belinda Woods and Graeme will also perform two pieces: for breath sounds and bass flute/contra-alto clarinet, and body sounds and alto flute.

****Adrian Sherriff’s Quadrivium****
Quadrivium may be considered to be the study of number and its relationship to physical space/time: arithmetic as pure number, geometry as number in space, music as number in time, and astronomy as number in space and time.
Quadrivium is Adrian Sherriff, Graeme Croft, Elnaz Sheshgelani and Shani Mohini-Holmes.
The group will present an electro-acoustic performance involving play, movement, drama, instrumental resources (bass trombone, contra-alto clarinet and voice) and electronic processing.

Saturday 14 March, 2015
Music from 8pm
*Free Entry*

Long Play, 318 St Georges Rd, North Fitzroy

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