Sunday School - The Public Bar - 15 Mar 2015

Sunday School @ The Public Bar
Sunday 15 March 2015
4pm, *free entry*
HALFSHARK + Andrew Tuttle + Inner Light

HALFSHARK: After several years and a critically revered debut under the Carry Nation name, Jessie Warren has reinvented herself as HALFSHARK. Warren and her collaborators create masterfully crafted cryptic pop songs with a haunting yet radiant energy. +

Andrew Tuttle: Andrew Tuttle of Brisbane creates a synthesis of electronic/acoustic instrumentation and genre, and improvisation/composition performed on computer, synthesiser, banjo, twelve string acoustic guitar and electronics. Previewing 'Slowcation' CS release on A Guide To Saints (Room40) in April 2015. + http://www.facebook/andrewtuttlemusic

Inner Light: First Australian show from this nascent project of Smoke Bellowdream-team Christian Best and Meredith McHugh. Dreamy cosmic modular synthesis soundscapes augmented by electric guitar and fife to create a melodic wonderland. +
(forwarded from Andrew Tuttle)