Shani Holmes & Michael McNab co-curation - Conduit - 26 Mar 2015

*** Shani Holmes & Michael McNab co-curation ***

26/3 @ Conduit Arts 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

*** Shani Holmes & Michael McNab ***
A new collaboration emerging from THIS ensemble. Shani vocalises. Michael plays reduced drumkit and objects. Together they attempt to blur the line between performative and social contexts.

*** 默契 ***
(pronounced ‘Moe-chee’ or ‘Mo-Qi’) is a phrase in Mandarin that has no direct English translation, but can variously be interpreted as ‘silent bonding’, ‘unspoken agreement’, ‘mutual understanding’, ‘tacit’, ‘in sync’. Chun Liang Liu and Clinton Green are artists working together with dance, music, movement and sound. Their performances, often unofficial and in public spaces, seek engagement and interaction with audiences and passersby. 默契 describes their connection in performance

*** Brett Thompson & Dale Gorfinkel ***
In this collaboration, Brett plays electric guitar and Dale plays drum set.

Set Times
8:30 Shani Mohini-Holmes & Michael Mcnab
9:15 默契
10:00 Brett Thompson & Dale Gorfinkel

♥ ♥ With welcome and intermission music provided by Brett and Dale on acoustic guitar and kora ♥ ♥

(forwarded from Michael McNab)