OpenLAB Sunday 8th March 2pm

After the long break we are back in 2015!! SUNDAY 8th of MARCH, 2015, 2pm.
This year we will be running OpenLABS bi-monthly at the docklands library, rather than monthly, as we will be focusing on a more diverse selection of regular events throughout the year.

We are opening up the year with Emme Orbach and Rex Hazard!! Be prepared to learn the fine art of organic growth systems for art creation, and utilising the open-source maker/hacker space model to facilitate disaster relief in communities that are at risk. Be prepared to hear some really insightful and personal experiences!!!

WHAT IS OPENLAB? - OpenLABs is here to share and explore the wonderful world of creative makers. Each talk allows artists, musicians, engineers, performers, and designers to come together and share their work and creative passions with the public and other creatives.

Emme Orbach ( is a contemporary sculptural installation artist based in Melbourne. She completed a bachelor of visual arts and design at ACU in 2012, and recently graduated from honours in spatial practice (sculpture), at RMIT in 2014. Her work has been exhibited in various group shows, notably the NotFair Satellite Art Fair in 2014, and is currently showing at Blindside’s Debut XI and Rubicon ARI.
Using the vehicle of contemporary sculptural installation, Emme Orbach’s work enables the natural growth of crystals over aluminium forms. This systematical approach allows the work to conjure it’s own intrinsic aesthetic, which develops independently from the artist’s hand. Instead, the artist becomes a catalyst for an operation far more complex than the human hand could ever produce alone.

During the OpenLAB talk, Emme will discuss how generative art practices question the conventional role of the artist. She will approach this first-hand, reflecting upon her own process-driven practice, that utilises crystal residue-building systems. While also referring to a number of contemporary artists that tap into animal behaviours, and organic growth systems in order to create.

Rex Hazard is a buccaneering pioneer of setting up and working with communities of creative builders, Hacker spaces, co-working spaces and Makers Spaces across the globe from U.S.A., Africa, Israel, Philippines, and Australia. Deeply dedicated to working within this field, Rex also works as a part of Communitere (, an organisation that utilises these open source initiatives to establish creative spaces in disaster zones.

A core focus of this work is to give victims living in disaster zones the opportunity to rebuild their lives as they see fit from within the local community, rather than top down global approaches that may lead to disempowering those communities. Rex is currently visiting Australia and is interested in the maker and hacker culture here and discuss how a large spread of these communities, across Melbourne, are just waiting to meet and share their creative ingenuity and form a larger more connected community. As well as discuss ideas of how to utilise makers spaces for disaster relief.

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