MY FIRST... 8pm 5th Mar. Conduit Arts - Steve Heather & Siegmar Zacharias (Berlin) and more

concert / collective writing / performance

MY FIRST... is a concert / collective writing / performance that tells a generic biography from 0 to 100 using first time experiences. During MY FIRST.... concert / collective writing / performance we will collect together "First times" with the public.

Staring in Alphabetical order:

Alice Hui-Sheng Chang – vocals
Anthea Caddy - cello
Annie Last – text / performance
Aviva Endean – clarinet
Erick Mitsak - text / performance
Erkki Veltheim – violin, viola
Jenny Barnes – vocals
Joe Talia – revox
Peter Knight – trumpet
Ren Walters – guitar
Siegmar Zacharias - text / performance
Steve Heather – drums, percussion, ukulele, text / performance

This performance is part of the development and collection of texts or a Radiotonic Radio National piece, MY FIRST....

8pm, Thursday 5th March 2015
at Conduit Arts - 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

$10 entry

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