Saturday, 7 March 2015

默契 (Moe Chee) performances in March

默契 (pronounced ‘Moe-chee’ or ‘Mo-Qi’) is a phrase in Mandarin that has no direct English translation, but can variously be interpreted as ‘silent bonding’, ‘unspoken agreement’, ‘mutual understanding’, ‘tacit’, ‘in sync’.

Chun-liang Liu and Clinton Green are artists working together with dance, music, movement and sound. Their performances, often unofficial and in public spaces, seek engagement and interaction with audiences and passersby. 默契 describes their connection in performance.

**  Tuesday 10 March, 9pm
默契 (Moe Chee) (Clinton Green & Chun-liang Liu)
w/ Forenzics and Todd Anderson-Kunert
Make It Up Club
Bar Open (upstairs), 317 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy.

A special event for several reasons:
-        It’s our first performance since Chun-liang and I named our partnership 默契 (Moe Chee)
-        It’s our first performance together for 2015 (besides THIS Ensemble shenanigans)
-        It’s our first performance together where we have had PERMISSION to perform!

**  Thursday 26 March, 2015
默契 (Moe Chee) (Clinton Green & Chun-liang Liu)
w/- Dale Gorfinkel & Brett Thompson, Shani Holmes & Michael McNab
Conduit Arts, 83 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy

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