Iceage Productions Releases March 2015

Grace Anderson - Still

Grace is a Melbourne musician involved in various projects including Repellant with Evelyn Morris (True Radical Miracle), First Response with Dan Lewis (Aktion Unit), GRACE with Stuart Grant (Primitive Calculators) and VDL Witches with Danica Davis and Sharmayne Grace McLean.

Grace has recorded vocals with the Primitive Calculators for their recent split with Chinese noise outfit Torturing Nurse on Genjing Records and appears on the latest Primitive Calculators album, as well as performing live with Pocket Calculators.

This is Grace's first solo release and is available as a free download.

Grace Anderson - Still (free download)

Various Artists - Surface Noise Vol.2

"Fetish 25" sees Perth's Cat Hope in bass guitar noise mode, screaming into pickups and coaxing deep frequencies from the strings with radios and whips. White Drummer takes subterranean noise literally, playing solo drumkit whilst being lowered into the icy waters of the Derwent river at MONA FOMA in 2013, not missing a beat as she continues to play assisted by breathing apparatus, all recorded live here. Ltd edition of 50 hand-numbered copies, split release with Shame File Music.

VA - Surface Noise Vol.2 (limited edition CD)

Also available:
Pentadrvg/Kromeshna - Pentadrvg/Kromeshna
(field recordings/dark ambient from Russia - 2 hrs x 2 discs)
Various Artists - The Shape Of Sound Vol.3
(compilation featuring Warren Burt, Robin Fox and Ollie Olsen amongst others)
Peter James - OtoƱo/Invierno
(minimal dark ambient)
Undecisive God (Clinton Green) - RPMs 5, 6, 7
(abrasive prepared turntabilism)
Automating - Bereitschaftspotential
(experimental electronics)
Shane Fahey - Twin Korg - Water Drip Code
(sound experimeriments using 2 Korg MS-20s triggered by water)
Constant Light - Formula Mourning / Lie Of The Lands
(synthetic dream pop)
Monolith - Monolith
(bleak minimal industrial drone)

Coming soon:

VA - Decoding The External World
Scattered Order
Antique Crumbling Framework
VA - Surface Noise Vol.3
Abre Ojos
Radio Washing Machine
Sacrifical Anode