Dinner and a Show! - Cross Street - 20 Mar 2015

 Dinner and a Show!
Cross Street presents an evening of shared listening and eating.

Featuring performances by the following artists:

8:00 - Duo consisting of Shani Mohini-Holmes (voice) & Adrian Sherriff (every instrument he could possibly fit into his car in 15 minutes)

8:45 - Nigel brown solo. Drawn to exploratory approaches of the not-quite-understood. Sonic possibilities revealed through modifying, deconstructing, and extending the piano accordion.

9:15 - Intermission with free soup - vegan + gluten free!

9:45 - Oversaturated spontaneous electronic collage trio.
Clinton Green - turntables + hand percussion
Michael McNab - youtube + hand percussion
Ren Walters - sampler + hand percussion

Moreland City Band Hall, 22 Cross Street, Brunswick
Friday 20 March 2015
(forwarded from Michael McNab)