Tilde New Music Festival - Testing Grounds - 24 Jan 2015

Tilde New Music Festival 2015

In 2015, the Tilde New Music Festival expands on its 2014 success with a bigger lineup of performers of new & experimental music, representing an even bigger lineup of composers; contemporary dance and visual arts; uniquely Tilde collaborations, and; a sound installation exhibiting works by composers and sound artists from all around the world.

On January 24th, 2015, Tilde New Music Festival will again take over the Testing-Grounds experimental arts space behind the Art Centre in Melbourne’s Southbank arts precinct. There will be music performances featuring: Nat Grant, Jacques Soddell, Nick Tsiavos, Peter Sheridan, Lizzy Welsh, Vincent Giles, Laila Engle, SURFACE, Alice Bennett, Seedsman/Grimes/McAuliffe, Houston Dunleavy, Carmen Chan, and more! Dance and durational art by: Sarah Ronnie Bruce, and Christos Linou, and; visual art by Anne Bennett, and Elmedin Zunic. There will also be interdisciplinary collaborations featuring many of these artists and many others.

Tickets are $2, and are available at, along with additional perks for greater contributions (crowdfunding):


Tilde New Music Festival
January 24th, 2015

Testing Grounds
(just behind the Art Centre/opposite St John’s Southgate)

(forwarded from Vincent Giles)