Junk Mnemonic presents 'Actual Mnesia'-- Sky Needle//Paul Heslin//Isaari -- 8/1/15 @ Bar Open

Junk Mnemonic presents 'Actual Mnesia' at Bar Open, featuring:

Sky Needle, unfurling visceral one-to-one spontaneous compositions via home-made unstruments -- speakerbox bass; footpump horns; arresting, visceral vocals

Paul Heslin, coaxing music from a battery of analogue televisions, merging visual and auditory in real time, steering the whole affair from a repurposed playstation controller

Isaari, managing a partially-automated layering system, eventually building from a single sample into a shimmering, Alvin Lucier haze

Live visuals by Robbie Pitts

Thursday January 8th

Free entry